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Top Trends in Apartment Living at Second and B Street Apartments

Top Trends in Apartment Living at Second and B Street Apartments

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Second and B Apartments offers one and two-bedroom floor plans, along with spacious balconies and patios with impeccable views. Our unique homes are equipped with high-end amenities, modern living, spacious light-filled rooms, and unobstructed views. A teak-furnished and elegant common area lies on the fourth floor. After you get done with spring cleaning, organizing, and decluttering, you can focus on new home design trends to enhance your apartment decor.

What's Trending in Your City

Whether you rent an apartment or not, home is where you live. Following home design trends will make your apartment stand out, giving you the perfect apartment living experience. How you furnish your home and choose your kitchenware reveals a lot about you. Check out the best cooking supplies in San Rafael, CA.

Taking your time designing an apartment and researching current trends will help you make the best purchase for your new apartment. Read more about the top apartment decor trends in 2022.

Staple Pieces You have to Try

Now that you have your dream apartment, it's time to decorate it. Below are a few trends you can use to decorate your apartment:

  1. Vintage is back: Patina deepens the significance of an antique piece, just like a fresh coat of paint can enhance a lively, playful atmosphere while maintaining the value of an antique.
  2. Keep it natural: Longevity is the new furnishing trend. Your living space should reflect long life.
  3. Dark accents: These add depth and edge to minimalistic spaces.
  4. Having natural light: Natural light makes everything look so much better. Enjoy the outdoors while indoors.
  5. Fabrics with texture: Apart from being comfortable, these fabrics are also chic and luxurious.
  6. Versatile spaces: Create an area that can serve multiple needs. For instance, you can turn a kitchen island into a desk.

The Perfect Apartment Living

At Second & B Street in San Rafael, you can experience luxury downtown living. The area offers SMART train rides, restaurants, boutiques, and farmers' markets. Several attractions are close by, such as San Francisco, Wine Country, Muir Woods, and beaches.

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